15 Exercises to Lose Weight In 10 Minutes A Day 7 months ago

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Do you wanna lose fat and tone up your body? 🏋 With the help of calisthenics, you can get really fast results! 💪 Calisthenics are exercises that help you get a fitter body, better flexibility, and more graceful movements with minimal equipment required. Basically, these are bodyweight exercises, and we’ve got 15 of them that you can do from the comfort of your own home! You ready to get started? Then let’s go! 😊

Warm-up 1:24
1. Abs 2:15
2. Buttocks 5:11
3. Arms 7:50
4. Legs 9:25
5. Back 11:16

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- Before any physical activity, you need a quick warm-up. One of the easiest yet most effective ones is running in place while lifting your knees up towards your chest.
- Legs-up crunches are effective for strengthening your upper and lower abs as well as your hip muscles. Once we finish up this set, we’ll move on to the next level of difficulty.
- Believe it or not, planking is a full-body workout! A strong core, better posture, and increased metabolism are all benefits of doing it regularly. You cam plank on your forearms or on your palms if that’s easier for you.
- Single-leg squats train your quads, glutes, and hamstrings all at once. It puts some strain on your abs as well! Very nice, now switch legs! Be careful not to lose your balance!
- Jumps not only strengthen your glutes, quads, and hamstrings, it also improves your balance and burns quite a lot of calories.
- Side planks are great for your arm muscles, abs, and legs. Try to keep one arm up in the air while you're doing this exercise.
- Outward leg lifts will train and strengthen your hamstrings. That’s definitely a good thing since strong hamstrings are key to protecting your knees from injury.
- Back bends require a lot of flexibility. With time, you’ll get it down, and it’ll tone your entire body! Just remember to bend your back so that your buttocks are higher than your head and shoulders.

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